Thursday, December 11, 2008

A New Perspective on Autism

Recently I read a couple of great books with a highly intriguing theme. The author, William Stillman, who himself has been diagnosed with a mild form of autism, writes about the current (and virtually unexplainable) explosion in cases of autism in children over the past couple of decades. Mr. Stillman is a behavior specialist who throughout his career has provided counseling and support to hundreds of parents and caregivers of autistic children and adults. In the course of his contact with these individuals, he began to notice a surprising trend—a large percentage of the children he met appeared to have special abilities. Many of them reported that they speak regularly with deceased family members, most often grandparents who passed on long before the children were born. Some appear to be able to communicate telepathically with animals, while still others routinely predict future events, much to the astonishment of their parents. Mr. Stillman’s research in this area has raised some fascinating questions—how do we account for the huge increase in autism? Is it possible that these children have arrived now, at this particular point in history, for a reason? For more on this amazing topic, check back here later this month, or track down Stilllman’s books, Autism and the God Connection, and his most recent, The Soul of Autism.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mind Expansion for the New Millennium

Does anyone remember Y2K? As the clock was ticking down to the new millennium, anxiety was rising all over the world. What would happen at the stroke of midnight when we greeted the year 2000? Would the sky fall? Would the world end? At the very least, we expected some type of catastrophe involving our computer systems. But as you know, nothing happened. Nothing at all. Or did it?

Since entering the new millennium, I, for one, have noticed an explosion in the level of interest in so-called supernatural phenomena, quantum physics, alternative healing, and psychic phenomena. Of course none of these topics are new, but haven’t you noticed that folks seem much more willing to talk about and explore them than ever before?

I started collecting and publishing local ghost stories from Erie County, Pennsylvania back in 2001. Even in the relatively short time from then until now, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of folks who are willing to have their name published in connection with a ghostly experience or a UFO sighting. People seem to be much less concerned that they will be deemed “crazy” or be accused of fabricating their experience.

I believe that the new millennium did bring about a huge change in the world, but not in the form of a sudden global calamity, as many of us feared. Instead, our minds seem to be evolving at an incredible rate, and I believe we are on the verge of taking a giant leap in our collective consciousness.

In this blog, I will be discussing some of the fascinating scientific research being done in all areas of the “paranormal,” including time travel, parallel universes, and ghost hunting. Feel free to post your comments, and we’ll have fun exploring this together!

Stephanie Wincik